The I-Duino UNO Board is a comprehensive and fully Arduino UNO Comptaible board. It uses a mini-B USB connector that allows the mini USB cable to be firmly connected to the board which makes it more durable that other low cost alternatives in the market. Then Packaging Circuit switching power supply is very stable as it allows a wide range of 7vdc to 20vdc input and user selectable 3.3v or 5v output. This makes the I-Duino UNO board one of the very few in the whole arduino world to have a stable selectable power supply output.

The pinouts from I-Duino is similar to the standard Arduino UNO type boards and thus also making it compatible with any Arduino based shields in the market. It also has a power supply and GND pin to all Digital and Analog pins to ease the integration of external boards or sensors for the end user. There is no need to have a separate power supply board for such. It also has a 4 pin connector for expansions of I2c and UART Bus systems devices.

The microcontroller chip used is the ATmega328 IC which is already loaded with the Arduino UNO firmware, which is fully compatible with the Arduino software.

i-Duino UNO Datasheet

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