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SEARCH & RESCUE ROBOT ( Remote Controlled )

Robots are required to be able to maneuver through a series of obstacles and accomplish a series of tasks at each station within a given time. The design of the robot for such a competition is very critical. Obstacles will include debris, bricks, stones, sand, gaps, etc..  Tasks required to be accomplish will also include, clearing of debris to make a pathway, picking up objects, carrying objects from one point to another, breaching of gaps, etc... Robots are to be controlled remotely by a pilot. Teams are also encourage to explore ideas outside of the norm to achieve the tasks.  The winning team is determined first by the highest score in the game and in the event a draw occurs, the fastest timing will be considered.




Search & Rescue 2018 Rules

All above videos and descriptions are meant for illustration and demonstration purposes only.
They are in no way a reference to the games that will be held in WRG2018.
Participants are to read each games rules for more information.

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