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Innovative Robot ( Remote Control / Autonomous )

The innovative robot category is one that allows teams to innovate, design and build their robots according to the current year THEME of WRG.  WRG 2018 theme being " SUSTAINABLE LIFE BELOW WATER ". Teams are to innovate robot designs to be able to express what SUSTAINABLE LIFE BELOW WATER means to them. There are no strict rules for this category but mainly the judging criteria for the robots. A special panel of judges from different countries will be selected by the WRG committee specially for this category. Some judging criteria include design, efficiency, technical competency, aesthetics, practicality, etc..



WRG 2018 Innovative Robot Rules

All above videos and descriptions are meant for illustration and demonstration purposes only.
They are in no way a reference to the games that will be held in WRG2018.
Participants are to read each games rules for more information.

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