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WRG 2017


The World Robot Games 2017 will be held in the Lion City Metropolis, Singapore, Nov 10-11, Safra Punggol.

The theme for WRG2017 is ROBOTS IN DEFENSE & SECURITY. Teams are challenged not only against each other in our games but also to innovate and create robots to assist in our global defense & security against terrorism.

WRG2017 will have more than 7 countries competing namely, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Malaysia and more.

The Games will include Sumo Robot, Line tracing, Fire Fighting, Search & Rescue, Total Defense and Innovative.

We wish everyone the best in WRG 2017 and may the best team win.

Registration Closing Date :
1st Oct 2017


All participants please contact your individual country reps for more information


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